7 Solid Reasons To Love Arts

Whether it’s the shape of your new smartphone or the latest trends in contemporary home building, art plays a pivotal role in shaping the designs we see on a daily basis. Let’s examine some of the most popular reasons to love arts

  1. It transcends time. Great art such as sculptures and paintings from tens of thousands of years ago hold the test of time, and are still greatly admired by today’s contemporaries, and will continue to inspire future generations
  2. It transcends language. Sure it may help to read the captions that come paired with the works of art, but it is not required to experience the beauty that a piece of art can possess. We can walk in an international art exhibit and just as readily appreciate the painstaking effort that has gone into creating such classics
  3. It carries a message. Prominent works of art are believed to represent something much greater than itself. The Statue of Liberty is a wonderful example of this. Although it was originally viewed as a gift from the people of France, today it has come to represent closely-held American values such as freedom, liberty, etc.
  4. Improves mental health. Practicing art as a hobby can be greatly therapeutic, especially when you involve your loved ones as well. This is an activity that doesn’t have any side effects, unlike other fun activities that carry some risk of addiction, such as drinking, video games, etc.
  5. Enhances creativity. Even if you don’t become a famous artist, art is an activity that enables your creative and imaginative capabilities. With some guidance and dedicated practice, you may be surprised by your own talent.
  6. It can supplement your income. If you can create demand for your artwork, and know how to market it effectively, you may be able to generate a part-time income, which can help pay off debt or upgrade your artist toolkit.
  7. It can make for great gifts. Gifting someone a piece of art that you created is highly personal and it will be priceless to them. This can also enable you to save money on buying expensive gifts which may not have too much of a shelf life anyway.